Our Eco Friendly Packaging

Cheese Lover Shop Wholesale contributes to environmental conservation by utilizing completely eco-friendly packaging solutions.

When you order our exquisite, creamy cheeses and gourmet accompaniments from Cheese Lover Shop Wholesale, we understand the importance of secure, temperature-controlled packaging for their safe delivery to your doorstep. However, we recognize that a thriving ecosystem is vital for the future of the cheeses we cherish. That's why we are fully dedicated to discovering environmentally responsible solutions for every facet of our wholesale operations.

By the end of 2021, Cheese Lover Shop Wholesale will proudly use sustainable, eco-friendly materials for all our packaging. We've conducted extensive testing to ensure your cheese arrives in perfect condition, with your favorite triple crèmes oozing only when you intend them to. Here's a glimpse of what's coming your way:

1. Durable Shipping

With Kodiakotton® packaging, your cheese wholesale shipments are not only safe and secure but also eco-friendly. These insulated boxes provide excellent protection for all your delicate cheese products. They’re crafted from natural fibers, making them recyclable and biodegradable. Kodiakotton® packaging is designed to offer better temperature control compared to traditional foam, ensuring your cheese arrives in perfect condition. Plus, it’s a lightweight and sustainable choice. Discover how you can reuse Kodiakotton® packaging for added environmental benefits here.

2. Padded Shipping Excellence

Bid farewell to the sea of styrofoam packing peanuts that inundate your space upon opening a package. At Cheese Lover Shop Wholesale, we’re transitioning to paper cushioning to ensure your orders arrive intact and unscathed. Our premium PAPERplus® packaging offers dependable protection for your valuable items, boasts a lower environmental footprint in terms of water and energy consumption during production, and is highly reusable or easily recyclable alongside other paper materials. Discover more about PAPERplus® here.

3. Temperature Regulation

EnviroIce eco-friendly ice packs not only keep your cheese cool in transit but also contribute to sustainable gardening. These nitrogen-based, non-toxic gel packs are safe to dispose of, and they contain quality-tested plant food. You can enhance your indoor and outdoor greenery by cutting open the package and applying it directly to the soil or mixing it with water.
See the benefits of EnviroIce in action.