Ile de France brie 4.5oz
Ile de France Brie – 12 x 4.5oz
Ile de France brings the finest French cheese expertise to the USA, featuring a delectable selection of Bries.

Discover the delectable world of Brie de l’Île de France – 12 wheels of pure bliss. With its authentic, slightly nutty Brie taste and creamy yet firm texture, this is a real masterpiece. It offers a smooth creamy texture with hints of mushrooms and hazelnuts. Enjoy it on its own, spread on warm toast, or add a touch of elegance to your dishes.

Place of manufacture: Lena, Illinois

Refrigerated temperature / Storage conditions: 34°F to 40°F

Delivery times: We process orders once the payment authorization and verification have been obtained. We ship via FedEx, delivering within one (1) to two (2) days.

We also process orders as they are received (first-in first-out) and depending of the season it may take a few days between receiving the orders and shipping them.

Please note we ship from Monday to Wednesdays (2) days. No shipments on Thursday- Friday-Saturday or Sunday to avoid the cheese being stuck in transit during the weekend.

Ingredients : Pasteurized cultured cow’s milk and cream, salt, cheese cultures, enzymes, calcium chloride, penicillium candidum (harmless white mold).

Contains Milk

Discover Ile de France Brie, a creamy, delicate cheese perfect for special occasions. Serve it as a fondue for a convivial experience, use it to enhance savoury tarts with a touch of elegance, dare to enjoy it as a dessert with apples and dark chocolate, or impress your guests with refined bites at a cocktail party. Ile de France Brie sublimates every dish and awakens your taste buds for unforgettable gourmet moments.

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